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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
Doing that would just be a recipe for disaster unless your opponent was as stupid as you were in doing that formation. Flanking would be oh so easy as setting a few men to occupy the heavy infantry and letting your cavalry destroy the archers. A pincer move would obliterate that formation. It does get more complex and tactical with friendly fire, but is also more annoying and cumbersome. Not being able to utilize your archers in games is frustrating, in the campaign in the total war games, you can't use your archers except at the beginning of most battles because the AI sends all his men to fight your infantry. This makes it hard to shoot at them unless they have really deep ranks. Their cavalry will be engaged, leaving the only thing to shoot at is the other archers, which would have been wiped out by my cavalry most likely, or at least run off by them.
Put some anticavalery (spearmen) exactly behind the archers (they can respond to the cavalery faster than the cavalry can move from right to left flank. Put some light infantery in between the archers so they can respond to changes or breaks in the lines and wooptiedoo you won!

(Besides you can just run em off with your own cavalry)

But sure, lets not continue this road as weve driven off

(I won like 1:5 and later 1:7 with some hoplites some light cavalry and 2/3 batts of archers like that, was a good game though:P) (yes vs NPC)
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