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Well on the subject of Friendly fire, i suspose it comes down to personal oppinions, personaly i think friendly fire will be pointless as in a seige your not going to up your infantry and head for the enimies outside ur fortress, and your not going to use hudge numbers of archers for a seige anywho so pointless for seiges. In open field as has been said pincer/flaking manoviours = easy victory against archer dominated armys and the provide sutible cover/defencive units to help the archers would mean you would have 1 archer left. So in reality if your going to use many archers in open field then you need to know what your doing and not go 'AMG look at my arrows go they be pewpewing' otherwise it will be 'Whats them caverly doing charging at me.... well who woulda thought that would cost me my archers eh?' so friendly fire wouldnt really be a problem now would it when your probs not going to be using hudge ammounts of archers.
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