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Originally Posted by Supreme View Post
I have to agree with zach. It gets a lot more tactical if your own troops might die.

Without friendly fire its this: 1. put some strong (large hp) infantry troops up archers directly behind. 2. make the infantry clash 3. let the archers kill of everyone in the fight (except your own troops since they cant die) 4. PROFIT.

Thats just..meh..
That's really just not true at all.

Total war for example what happens unless you're fighting the AI is you don't bring more than 0-2 battalions of archers because archers are never cost effective in that game unless you're defending from a very advantageous position be it a castle or a bridge. Those are the only two times archers carry their weight in total war.

It might not 'look' right, and it will feel unrealistic, but it's necessary if you want ranged units to play any part in the game outside of sieges.


How often do you actually see players using archers in Total War online?

I love total war and play it often, but ranged units were the biggest problem I had with it. They were almost useless against players in most circumstances.
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