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Old 01-04-2010, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
Band of Brothers doesn't sound too scary for some reason... it sounds more like a peaceful group of people taking in and providing home for poor people
I didn't mean for the name to be scary, just what ppl think about when they hear them, like, i want my alliance to be the one where they go to war with someone, and everyone else in the community talks about it and are like, " thank god im not them". i would defiantly prefer to keep only elite players in the alliance. i think i might have a trial period for skilled players to prove themselves, and the reward for trying(if they succeed) would be the feeling knowing you and your giuld/clan/alliance are the baddest of the bad, and also mass riches/reward for doing good work , that way ppl have a reason to stay. also i realize that being the founder of it all ill have to have some skill myself, so i plan to really grind when beta comes out.
i know i dream big, and theres a large chance i wont succeed at this, but hey, a man can try to be great, if he doesnt, what kind of a man is he?
who in the F did i just qoute?