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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
Perhaps, but wouldn't it also be annoying, at least to the average gamer? Realism doesn't necessarily make games better. It can make them annoying.
i find that having no friendly fire when one of your soldiers get hits with 500 arrows extremely stupid, that in my opinion is just cheezy. like if i order my arches to fire into a crowd mixed of my men and enemies, i would expect to take friendly fire, and for the average gamer, thats just common sense really. it doesnt matter what team im on, either way im getting hit with arrows, doesnt matter if hes on my side or not, it still has the same effect. like take the totar war series for instance, they all have freindly fire when you use archers, and ive never heard an average gamer complain about that

Originally Posted by GPS51 View Post
Wait so how many gatherer units do the orcs have?? I'm so confused.
pretty sure that theres 2 types of gatherer units
1. prowlers, that gather stuff but can also be used as melee troops
2. raiders, they gather stuff as well, but can be used as ranged/archer troops
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