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Old 01-02-2010, 06:41 PM
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Loving the new Pictures!! i expecialy loved the blown up ogre bodies ( if that is correct ) all spread on the floor. Would have prefered to see from a further distanceto see the pure carnage of the fight but i suspose you were showing us the units pew pewing ingame. Shame about how one volly of fire arrows decimated the army tho, but then again i do want to play human so i should be more 'AMG human archers pew pew man!'. Btw can you tell us what excat numbers and units were in the gobling/ogre army and the elven army, just want to check if it was even and what best to use against the other types . Also with the orcs can you order a tent to go to a certian pop cap. not all the way for excat 90& of your cap so then you can fill in the other 10% with other not-constant-spawn troops, otherwise i think somepeople might be a little bit agitated when they go off to war want so many goblins and stuff when they get back after big casulties ready and enough of a cap still to get specilists in and not just hudge hordes of goblins to scafrice?
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