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Old 01-02-2010, 12:35 AM
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Default old topic :/

Originally Posted by fyro11 View Post

There are two games that I think were huge hits and most of you will have heard of them (which adds to the evidence of their success):

- Warcraft 3 and expansion (only the RTS games we're talking about)
- Battle for Middle-Earth series

Originally Posted by Mrdash View Post
Ok Sauron...

2. Where the heck does warcraft come in the conversation that was going on at the time. Strategic points and such...
blargh this is old and I know I shouldn't bring up this dead topic but this is where warcraft came into conflict next time read the main post before trying to make someone look stupid :/(Iím pretty sure its not flamming stating the fact, also stating ones opinion is not flamming but can be considered flamming if token the wrong way but I do see since I called you guys nimrods thus through he did spam just check his first couple hundred posts. this is a dead topic I also know but I was scanning through and wanted to prove my point if this is more understandable yes?

so yeah its really a small infraction if it was big at all i dont know... thus that proves my point. Human beings can follow threre opninion on whatever so what I saw from a what he posted vs good and unless he had a majority of spam rather than good posts.
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