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Old 12-27-2009, 05:52 PM
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Default Chating

Righto, bascily i was scaling though the fourms and the new twitter thing when i suddendly realised no one has realy said much on the chat systems, or not that i have seen. There have been some chat about friend lists and guild things, but as far as im aware the chat features have not yet been discussed please point me out as a complete fool if they have been. As i have played many a mmo and many other types of game chat is one of the main features of a game, as the players make the community and the life of the game, it got me wondering how are you going to use the chat system, are you going to stay conventional and have things like:
1. Global General
2. Global Trade
3. Guild
4. Friends

Or maybe you will have locilised trade/general channels with optional global ones? and will the cites as in other games be connected in chat or will they have stand alone chatting channels?

This maybe blabber but this also brings me onto the other point i want t bring up about the chatting systems, in many games people are baraged with spam from players just wanting to be annoying or the chinese power levelers/gold sellers. How would you enforce your spam filters as in no more than 5 posts in one min for global channels for say, or will it be different? Another thing being will the moderators be active in this role of will they tend to leave it to the current applied systems. For exampe the only game i will prase for this would be Age of Conan which moderators imediatly banned people for such offences but other like WoW just leaves it, thus leaving many people who dont use the servises spammed fustrated.