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Old 12-25-2009, 07:13 AM
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Aametherar is someone to look uptoAametherar is someone to look upto

Ask me how long i'll wait patiently for this game with a smile on my face, and i'll say, "as long as it takes". I think it's great that they are taking their time and truly trying to make a unique game. If I wanted another generic I could just buy that new one every month. In the meantime it's worth the wait i'm sure.

As for newer games coming out lately (in general) I heard so much awesome stuff about MW2 so I checked it out and found it was no more than a sub-par fps with no innovation and few features. But the graphics were shiny and it was new! So naturally all these people newer to games likely with WOW as their starting point just don't get it, it's like they're starting over from the beginning.

Point being, graphics be damned this baby is gonna be awesome . I want features in my games, innovation, and most of all depth!

In any case, it's great to have another estimate! I love that you guys aren't afraid to give estimates, and that the community is understanding enough to accept that it is just an estimate and we do appreciate it! Cya soon (sorry for the lengthiness).