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Old 12-22-2009, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by zach12wqasxz View Post
wow guys thanks for all the information.
i think im gonna upgrade to windows 7
Yeah you should. Darvin is right about what he is saying. I have a dual boot with my laptop (Xp and windows 7). I am going to have windows 7 only when I get on break from school. Overall you normally will get the same performance out of programs no matter what OS you use, but I find that you will have more crashing in XP then with vista or 7. Even thought most game don't say anything about supporting windows 7 they will work. I know DOF will work on windows 7. I am running Impressions Games Zeus master of Olympus which came out in 2000. Programs don't mention every single OS/future OS or hardware they support. I am running a quadro 570m and none of the games I run say that I can us my quadro, but they do.

Just be cautious, read reviews (user) and forums if you are not sure.

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