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Old 12-22-2009, 07:10 PM
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I myself am currently playing Sins of a Solar Empire currently, which does have an auto-scout feature. Using that as the basis of my perspective, I have mixed feelings about it, and I think Joseph's knee-jerk reaction is off-base.

First, auto-scout features are highly inefficient. Even given a random map, I can usually infer where to send my scouts and how to fan out to cover the maximum amount of area possible. The AI auto-scout invariably does a lot of backtracking and may leave several blind spots very close to home.

Second of all, unless your goal is just to uncover broad details, you need to pay attention to your scouts. Someone who just turns on autoscout may know where the enemy's base is, but is unlikely to uncover much in terms of useful details just by looking back later. You cannot replace directed and purposeful scouting with broad auto-scout.

Thirdly, auto-scout tends to get the units killed... often.

I usually use a mix of auto-scout and manual scout. I use auto-scout to keep tabs on a large area of the map. Although not efficient, I can count on a sufficient number of scouts buzzing around to stumble upon enemy expansion in remote locations. When it comes to actually watching the borders for enemy encroachment or viewing what they're building back home, that really needs to manual scouting and auto-scout just won't cut it.

I believe that auto-scout is a good feature that can and should supplement manual scout. I think JV is off-base because he views it as a replacement for manual scout. Players who view it as such are going to have vastly inferior intel, so I don't see any issue whatsoever there.