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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
I must add to this,,, if you have a group of well trained elves holding a very narrow bottle neck point such as a well designed elven staircase, its quite funny seeing some cool '300' moments where the elves will just keep on slaughtering orc horde after horde after horde. until they get some archers and catapults taking them out.
So their strategic defense is on staircases ?=P
Edit my previous post: Since Humans have river/many layers and that stuff, than orcs have bigbig city that masses of hords defend it so it doesnt need some kind other protection, than there is elvish which have staircases!

Sorry couldnt help myself =P (its just a joke).

Have just one question. Since elves are few and walls are quite long on picture ..... is it possible with elvish pop cap to fill all wall with at least 1 row (4ish soldiers on tower) of elvish soldiers so all wall is somewhat covered?

Picture made by Aametherar the orc

Glory to the elves!

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