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Old 12-16-2009, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by DDERME View Post
how about making a game mode witch theres no pop limitit at all,
and can call it "no pop skirmish" and just do what ever u
do to get pop and it just goes on and on forever (the limit not the game)
cus i hate pop limits
and there needs to be a mode with no pop limit cus nobody likes small
so people who have good rigs,by rigs i mean pc's use the no pop mode to play
and the people with bad pc's use the normal skirmish mode
so there will be no lag online cus the two skirmish modes cus there will be an order of playing
or there can be a auto match making thing that matches the players and gives
infinte pop if they both have good pc's but the first idea is better
I know what you mean I not a fan of pop limits my self, but not only does the person computer come into to play, but also the engine as it to can only handle so much. The more stuff in the game the more the engine has to calculate which causes the engine to slow down. Look at the total war series, even though they have a power full engine that supports a lot of units on screen it still has a limit to how many can be in a screen.

There are other reason developers do these thing don't just think they are doing it to **** you off or because some poor gamer can't afford a decent PC.