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Originally Posted by zach12wqasxz View Post
well if your a freshman in high school you might not even be old enough to work and be hired by someone legally. ( at least in the Unites States you have to be 16 to get a job, 15 with a workers permit and permission from your school, saying you can do both without falling behind on grades )im a juniour btw.
also i am really interested in Modeling ( not sure the proper term for it but like designing shapes of cars, and people, and a bunch of stuff ). at my old high school, they had a gaming class which i really wanted to take, but never got to, but i did take a tech class wich had this 3-D shape editor thing, ( not sure what it was called, somehting similiart to 3D max, but not nearly as powerful or in depth ). and thats when i got interested in it. granted i only designed basic shapes like squares with holes cut through them, and then as a final project i made some really sweet looking rims for a car, i even added moving spinners.
so what im stateing/ asking is wether or not there is a specific field in the gameing industry for that? and what is it called?, and if there is, does it require years of college/education? and is it a needed field, like are companies hireing a lot of them?
what you are talking about is "character modeling" and "environmental modeling". As the names inply character modeling is just for modeling characters and environmental modeling is for model objects in the game like crates, cars, trees, etc. You will do either one or the other in the industry. Both require a lot time so doing both is not likely. I can do both, but I prefer environmental modeling.

The modeling programs that are in use the most for the game industry are 3ds max, Maya, Softimage.
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