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Originally Posted by Sauron_9Gods9_Ldr View Post
What do you mean by experience? do you mean have we done any sort of design or modding of a game before? to tell you the truth i did design for a couple years back in Age of Mythology and i made some pretty fun maps based on what people said I'm gonna try to learn the warcraft 3 editor as of now and i have worked with many people through out my childhood. when ever i do finish my education will probbie be in a couple years I'm just asking if i apply will you guys hire or do we need like any requirements. I'm only a freshmen in high school but i have some experience with map design and designer teams as a hole. i do plan to design maps in dof through.
well if your a freshman in high school you might not even be old enough to work and be hired by someone legally. ( at least in the Unites States you have to be 16 to get a job, 15 with a workers permit and permission from your school, saying you can do both without falling behind on grades )im a juniour btw.
also i am really interested in Modeling ( not sure the proper term for it but like designing shapes of cars, and people, and a bunch of stuff ). at my old high school, they had a gaming class which i really wanted to take, but never got to, but i did take a tech class wich had this 3-D shape editor thing, ( not sure what it was called, somehting similiart to 3D max, but not nearly as powerful or in depth ). and thats when i got interested in it. granted i only designed basic shapes like squares with holes cut through them, and then as a final project i made some really sweet looking rims for a car, i even added moving spinners.
so what im stateing/ asking is wether or not there is a specific field in the gameing industry for that? and what is it called?, and if there is, does it require years of college/education? and is it a needed field, like are companies hireing a lot of them?
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