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Old 12-08-2009, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by 88wooper88 View Post
hi, i was wandering if the economic part of the game is as important as sieges.
What i like about RTS games is to build a big kingdom, the war part comes in 2nd place. Is it a game for I?
Definalty. in order to actually seige someone youll have to manage your economy well and aquire resources like food ect. and then build up troops and such and become a warmongerer. also in the mmo versoin of the game your castle goes with you from fight to fight, thus so does your economy. you will be able to make your cities utterly massive in the mmo version ( all versions actually ) and you cannot build a massive city in 20 minutes, according to reverie it will take weeks of work to build up your city in the MMO version ( compard to an hour in the singleplayer campaign ). So yes economy will be a huge part of the game. also trading will be a big part. sending out caravans to buy and sell supplies at a foreign market will be a part in the game, also protecting them, as well as attacking enemy caravans. In the MMO version you wont even have to neccasarily fight, you can reject fights when someone attacks you, so you can focus complelty on your economy if you choose to.
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