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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
Nice looking economies! I like how they are all different and interesting in there own way. I particularly like the orcs' economy, with the two different orc worker types and the ability to train them into warriors. 'Tis nifty.

Also, are the wardens and marauders good for fighting at all?
Marauders are an excellent ranged unit of the Orcs in fact. Which makes them a very unique unit. In times of peace they're very productive at what they do, but outside of that they're also an important part of the orc war machine. This will lead to the orc army, which most thought was lacking heavily in the ranged department to having a rather large contingent of archers in their city. Which lends itself quite nicely to defensive situations where archers gain a bonus to range and damage from the walls.

So unless you don't like food for some reason, the orcs will indeed have a strong defense in the form of the hunter-gatherer marauder.

As for wardens, I haven't actually come to a situation where I've needed them to do anything but gather while playing. The elven rangers patrolling the walls keep my city quite safe. I imagine in a pinch the archer-workers would certainly contribute, as a ranged unit their low health wouldn't be that much of a problem, stick them on a tower not directly in the line of fire. The male wardens however, I doubt they'd be standing up in a fight very long. A militia if anything, certainly not a mainstay like the marauder is to the orcs.
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