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Old 12-01-2009, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by nickson104 View Post
If i remember rightly, which i probably dont, i think the proposed limits were about 800 for elves, 1000 for humans and 1200 for orcs... but then again... it has been a looong time since the topic arose...

May I ask why no-one EVER searches these things? there is a search bar for a reason...

And as for the little guy... how dare you forget him?! The dwarves will take their revenge on you! just wait for the expansion!!!
the reason i never use the search bar is because i find it very unrelaible, i have searched for old posts and topics only to get this response..............................Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.
The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search.
so i can see why nobody ever uses the search bar, if anyone disagrees with me feel free to post a response, i wanna see if anybody else shares my opinion