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Certainly, although some of this is temporary artwork.

It's a pretty simple set-up, but the first box consists of the livestock units you can sell to the merchant. So this player has four cows he can sell - each for 220g, or 220 gold.

The second box is what the player can purchase from the merchant. If he wanted a fifth cow, he could buy one for 240 gold, slightly higher than the merchant would buy it for. Or he can get a pig for 200 gold. These prices per unit are relative to the supply of that unit in that particular region. So in some regions, you'll get a good deal on sheep, while others can offer you cheap cows.

The military units are a bit harder to tell from their buttons, but like I said, some of this is subject to change and you're get a box telling what the item is when you hover over a button.

Your gold and population are shown as these are the only resources used in making trades, except when you trade resources for gold.

So the goods and mercenary markets are pretty much the same in terms of interface.

The army transfer screen over the world map you see is a bit different. This is not inside a market but shows a player grouping some of his units into an army before he heads off to a distant market. He groups his hero, to negotiate with the merchant NPC, several horse carts to carry supplies to be sold, and a number of cows to sell. So this player is taking 1150 units of wood and seven cows to sell.

Each army the player makes can travel to a different location on the world map, so you can have several massive armies wreaking havoc in far-off regions.
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