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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
Will you only have one hero, and your armies that move across the map don't have to have a hero leading them, right? If you only have one hero, will you have the same as everyone elses hero who are the race as you, or is there a choice?
As far as having armies work without a hero present yes they can move and fight without a hero present. The other stuff I'm not sure what's publicly available, so I can't really say, nda and all.

As for the quests- if it's a pvp quest that sends you to an area then it will pick a target within the area for you. You're not assigned specific players to attack and you will never be able to be attacked while you are offline with the game as is, and I don't believe any plans for something like that exist.

Originally Posted by Swift sword View Post
I assume the AI will just place them smartly then? After all, wouldn't want some peasant to build a house right in front of your gate...
All buildings placed automatically are placed in specific spots that won't conflict with any others. For example - a lot of the houses will be right next to walls, and their facing will reflect that. And if there is any overlap, it will look natural not like two objects simply clipped into each other.
Remember to read the FAQ before asking questions!

And if you don't find the answer - ask them in that same thread, we'll answer what we can.

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