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Old 11-26-2009, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by wills370 View Post
Wow that would be amazing if that is the cas.e You can have one home army and one out army etc. Would make sence in gameplay to help balance it. Would you be able to make thoose armyies converge on one place. or do they have to be kept seperate?
Armies can merge freely.

As far as multiple armies in a city, it's not really finalized since it's a balance issue not a mechanics issue. We'll see how that ends up working come beta. Again though - armies are going to have a max number of battalions in them. A 'full' army won't be enough to reach the pop cap. So you could easily have one army off doing something in one corner of the world maybe they're exploring the caves in the dwarf region, another army with your hero doing a quest attacking an Orc NPC city and a third army defending your city. Etc.
Remember to read the FAQ before asking questions!

And if you don't find the answer - ask them in that same thread, we'll answer what we can.