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Old 11-25-2009, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaznafein View Post
Is it possible to make your city as big(elaborate) as a primary city of it's own race. Just wondering if it will possible eventually to make your city that big.
Of course I've never been able to look around one of your primary cities yet in the game but apparently there elaborate and are centers of trade and such.

Also I believe this was asked before but will other players be able to visit your cities I think when I saw the answer awhile back it was still up for disscusion.

If they can visit your city will they be able to trade with you or will trade only be allowed between Human and NPCs. I think it would be cool if your city was real big and became a center for trade just wondering if it possible or not thanks.

Also like to add a suggestion if all this is possible i think it would be cool if quest can be formed within your city at random that people can come and do specific to your city. Maybe even someone important that starts a quest comes to your city and people ahve to come to your city to do the quest. Your city grows so you attract some important generic people from around the world.
As far as the centers of trade go. your city can become popular place of trade with allies etc. As i beleive they can if i remember correctly coem to your city to trade etc. (the caravans etc). So yes in that respect they can become centers of trade.

your city can become larger then some of the cities in the showcase but not all. (i think aswell). But will never become centers on the map etc. Although you will get groups of players trying to take you out etc as theree are wars etc.

And with the quest idea i think it is good aslong as they are not able to attack your castle if they come on a quest but then see your army is out. its not so great. unless there quest is to plunder you that is? and how would you react if that quest wasn available to you but you saw a big goblin den just outside your walls.what if you delt with it etc, might be better if you could put up quests for over players do to? like protect my caravan or get rid of the invaders etc. To which you have to pay them a bounty if they complete.

And yes you will have migration into your city at each stage. (one of the old showcases show this i beleive the human one).
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