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Old 11-24-2009, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by bikkebakke View Post
aaah, how many have fallen for those games. I personally like indiegames more due to that they like to experiment for new gameplay, it feels like big companies make one really succesful game and then stick by it, upgrading the graphics for the next game and changing the place etc... absolutely not talking about CoD >,> (guess im going to be hated now)

Im just one of those that don't like sequels that much, I would rather see new games with new gameplay and new stories instead of milking off the old.
Originally Posted by zach12wqasxz View Post
some sequels are ok but i definatly agree with what you are saying. the only acception to that is assassins creed 2, that game is so much different from the first, its the same assassinate this guy type deal, but they have so much more story around it, not to mention all the different things they did, they definalty addded a lot more to the gameplay to that game from the original. and CoD is just the same rambo crap sequel after sequel.
Indie game companies do mild games like other companies, but I will agree that they do more experimenting than large companies. The RTS genres has so many indie company games that are really bad.

Well you could say the same thing about assassin's creed 2. Its a 3d platformer with small quest/shopping (gamers love shopping) in between killing (no other game has done any of this before ). The game is basically the first with improvements just like most games. I don't think that its a bad thing. if something is successful don't just abandon it and go to something new, but don't milk it too much either. All games reuse simple mechanics even Dof (I don't mean it in a bad way ). the game is an RTS just like the hundreds of other RTSs. Every game is repetitive, its just some will do a better job of distracting players away from the repetition. COD and assassin's creed 2 are using things that have been in other games with some going back to the beginning of video games.

I don't mean to start anything, but to keep on topic can't wait till the beta.

edit: I am going to buy assassin's creed 2

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