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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Elven walls are Marble, Jean is right in that these are Revere's Elves and do not correspond to any other Elven realm. I do respect your idea though, a Greener wall is a good idea, more vines, moss, etc, but the thing is gameplay wise is the marble wall completely resists wildfires, having more flammable greenery would realistically increase the flammability; beside the fact that Elven Marble walls are one of the strongest type of wall in Mythador.
The moss is a sponge like plant that retains alot of water same with lichen in some respectts so it would be quite fire resistant anyway and would have a low burning tempreture so wouldent gain ever enough heat to affect a wall or other structures. Could be a really nice feature if there is like a small fire agasint the wall or smouldering as that would be more the case. As the wall is left bare after (back to its marble self) could watch it grow back after time etc.
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