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Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
I've no problem with elven walls. There's no need to always fully go with the stereotypical "wood elf" theme. Tolkien's Noldor elves, for example, were great craftsmen with interests in metal/jewel working, mining, stone architecture, etc.

I'm really annoyed with the modern conception of elves who tend to look like nothing more than a combination of Robin Hood's merry men and Ewoks. There's no reason for nature and advanced architecture to be mutually exclusive. The ramparts on elven walls look like leaves and blend pretty well. Maybe they could use some more moss...
I am not saying that it should be robing hood stile .... =P, but combination of that nature and walls just doesnt fit right together... rather give it more natural look or more stoneish one. That wall doesnt reflect any of their other tipe of architecture =P. Its just a black sheep amongst white ones or banana amongst apples ... or (the best one) human amongst dinosaurs - which cant be/fit =P.

Of argument that they are well craftsman and designer also so that natural wall wouldnt reflect that .... so they can also decorate and polish some parts of wall (maybe golden strings on towers and gates or polished part of walls and golden picture on it). They can also add beautiful marmor tower which would look like it burst/grow from the rock.

Nice picture bdw .... but that cannot be elvish wall (palisade*) ... cuz i see trees that are dead/cut down around =O .... and hope Andy Joslin have right or i could not know what is a tree and what is a house (joke) =).

edit: fixed the number of =)/=P/=O stuff
explanation: sorry i write them in reflex x.x

Picture made by Aametherar the orc

Glory to the elves!

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