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Old 11-20-2009, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Kire View Post
As i saw some pictures (especially the ones of elvish towns - new ones) i saw something rather disturbing =P. Since we all know elves live with nature so they use trees for houses, making animals as friends etc.. And than i see walls....., on pictures there is area and trees rounded with walls but if there wouldnt be walls we wouldnt even know that there live elves. So it looks like that walls are guarding planted trees that are looking as any other tree around . But that is not problem since the elves live with nature and they just blend in ... the problem is that walls look so unnatural.

Here is my suggestion what kind of walls elves should have: The look would be like a cliff/rock/stone risen from the grounds and its also little covered with grass and earth. And than the stone curve himself to form towers and other defenses. Since its just a rocky natural wall its borders would not/could not be straight and same everywhere. So the wall should be very strong since it would be made of solid (one) rock.
This would be possible since elves live with nature and they are the best magic users.

I hope you understood what i ment. The walls that are now looks also too much humanish. So what do you think ppl?

I think that the walls are fine. A rockwall raising from the ground doesn't look too interesting for me. Sure, it would make some sense into elves having such walls, but I really think that it would be too, errm, rough.

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