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Default Fantasy Friday I - Major Towns Overview

Fantasy Friday I
Major Towns Overview

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Hey guys!

Starting now, we will be changing the format of our media showcases a bit. First off, we will have one every Friday, until DoF's release, under the name of "Fantasy Friday." Secondly, these showcases, for the most part, will feature less of an emphasis on screenshots and more of an emphasis on descriptions. So we will be narrowing the subjects being showcased but we will provide more information in the long run. We have big plans for the future including showcasing individual units and abilities, skirmish modes, resources, spells, and other exciting aspects of DoF. So be sure to check back every week!

As a segue into this new style of showcase, I'd like to present you with a little information on the twelve major towns featured in Dawn of Fantasy:

Denwall (Region – Rollingplain)
The people of Denwall have gained a reputation as tough and unyielding folk. Their castle is the source of this stubborn nature, for while it is much smaller than the mighty Dagbor, its mountaintop location and double walls have over the years repelled many a fearsome foe. The citizens even have well-loved siege song. Many of the verses involve rather rude metaphors, but the refrain is uncomplicated. “Come on with your swords and your spears/Whenever you want, we'll be here!”

Dagbor (Region – Southmont)
The name of Dagbor has echoed through the ages with strength and victory. This is humankind's largest and proudest city. Its defenses are legendary: two layers of walls protect the lower entrance, while the keep itself is circled by a roaring river and treacherous cliffs. The ancient bones of those foolhardy enough to tackle water and rock sometimes resurface briefly, before the lethal undercurrents suck them once more back to their watery prison.

Darssen (Region – Rollingplain)
Darssen is a town of romance and fairytale. Situated on the human-elven border, stories abound of forbidden liaisons between elf and human. Consequently, it is the haven and breeding ground of bards and minstrels, as well as adventure seekers and ne'er-do-wells. But gold does not run thick, and the wooden walls of this small stronghold reflect its poverty. Though its hilltop stance is adequate against small assaults, a sieging army would meet scant resistance.

Thorndale (Region – Wold)
Set idyllically in the backlands of the Wold region, Thorndale maintains a quiet existence. Farming is in the blood of most Wold folk, and their intelligence is often mocked by neighboring Southmontians. However, Thorndale has in times past suffered many orc raids, and proof that these people are not fools is evident in the wide moat and variety of wall-mounted defenses. Some do whisper that the walls themselves have weaknesses, but it would surely take a committed siege to discover them.

Gelmeerim (Region – Taltos)
Known also as The City of the Sky, Gelmeerim rises from a mountain lake in a symbolic reflection of the creation myths, in which the Gods made all beings from the images they perceived in the Great Lake. These splendid walls demonstrate elven architecture at its finest and fiercest. This is not a place allowed to mortal feet, unless that mortal can somehow cross either of the two heavily defended bridges that constitute the only routes into Gelmeerim.

Illas Tiltos (Region – Bolfores'l)
The great capital city of the elven realm embodies all the awesome power of this immortal race. Its beauty is unearthly and unwelcoming. Boleta hums in every space, and the trees are giants here. Few that are not elves have witnessed the glory of Illas Tiltos and lived to tell the tale. Twin walls built with elven craft stand tall about the inner keep, and it is said that to siege Illas Tiltos would be to blow against a hurricane.

Illas Tortra (Region – Erthee L’Bala)
Located in the heartland of the wood elves, secrecy and independence have always been the hallmarks of Illas Tortra. Though remote from human and orchish realms, Illas Tortra still experienced some upheaval from the wars between these races. It is a city that values the mystical secrets of the forest life and fiercely fought to maintain its independence from the High Elf culture. It is located at the point where land meets the sea and so it is a thriving port city, protected by a double wall, surrounded by a swamp.

Uttal Atras (Region – Bolfores’l)
Uttal Attras is the second most important city in Bolfores’l, and has always struggled in the shadow of Illas Tiltos. The leaders of Uttal Atras seek to preserve the special place of Bolfores’l as the land in which elves originated, so great emphasis is placed on preserving and advancing the high arts of elven civilization here. Uttal Atras is a miracle of elven masonry with five keeps connected by sky bridges located in the impassable low land that is filled with lakes and swamps.

Nokkrasol (Region – Flattan Rol)
Nokkrasol is on a promontory that thrusts deep into elven lands and thus is seen by orcs to represent the ambition, daring and courage of the entire orc nation. Those who live here are mighty, and will not give respect without good reason. Located at the Orcish border with elves, this stronghold while insignificant in size, and protected only by a single layer of walls, is still a hard nut to crack, since it is located on top of the mountain pass and protected by fast moving mountain rivers.

Pultak (Region – Brakental)
In the far south of the orcish realm is a barren desert region, and across many centuries of hardship and struggle, the fortess town of Pultak has grown up here. It is considered home to the hardiest and most ferocious orc warriors alive. Standing in the middle of the desert, impervious to fire, the stronghold of Pultak is not the largest, but it is protected with two layers of walls and natural desert and mountain terrain. There is no cover or protection for the unlucky attackers.

Makkada (Region – Flattan Rol)
Makkada means “Mother Womb,” and it is the pride of the orc race. This place makes all orcs strong, for here orcs were first created. The capital city of the orc kingdom, Makkada is one of the largest cities in the land of Mythador – quite uncharacteristic of orcs, yet there it is - located on a mountain side surrounded by deadly swamp. This town is protected by numerous layers of walls, not to mention the royal keep on the mountain top. It can only be taken by a truly massive army.

Ral Nistro (Region – Thikken Dal)
Ral Nistro was built by bold orcs in the distant past, orcs who dared to settle right on the border of the human realm. Part of Thikken Dal - the land beneath the trees – it is famous for its orc archers. Located on a mountain and surrounded by impassible forest, Ral Nistro is the second most impenetrable orc stronghold. Its only weakness is that wild fires can be started around and inside the stronghold - but defenders can take advantage of that as well. Protected with two layers of walls, and 3 keep structures, Ral Nistro makes for a hard target.

All of these towns will be available in the beta and more major towns might be added before release.

Each of these towns will be available in both the MMORTS mode and as singleplayer/multiplayer skirmish maps. So look forward to exploring all the nooks and crannies of these massive towns as your MMORTS hero trades with the local merchants, hires mercenaries local to the region, purchases siege equipment or livestock, chats with other wandering players, takes on quests from the NPCs, or you can even team up with other players to take one of these towns by siege to loot the town's wealth. These towns are all rich in history so talking with the locals is always rewarding to learn the secrets of the market and the region as a whole. Or head to the skirmish modes, single- or multi-player, to protect or siege these great towns. Just imagine hosting a LAN party with you and three friends defending the capital city of Makkada as four more friends team up to take you down! 'Nuff said.

Expect in-depth showcases of each of these twelve towns in the near future. See you next Friday!
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