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Old 11-19-2009, 02:44 AM
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I would say this thread is more on a pause then anything else as it is waiting for feedback both of testers and devs. As for achievments it is only natural for a game especially one like this to cover many topics e.g. ecomony,army,castle and wins/losses. All theese i would imagine would be covered furthermore the game also contains many other aspects like fire and weather with bonuses so it is likly thoose would be included to. And yes it is very unusual for any game to have no fun or funny achievments wether it is a friendly fire achievment or a demo of your own city by setting it ablaze all of which probably be covered giving the scope of the game. Therefore i would put this thread on hold as i cant see any other points worth making untill the questions already outstanding have been answered once the testers have given feedback (should be a month or so given beta timings.)
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