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I like most of these, however I think the following kinda defeats the purpose of siege equipment, and would also be a little unrealistic

Originally Posted by SPARROW94 View Post
Ladders & seige towers****-In BFME2 the ladders and seige towers were so easy to destroy before they even got to the make the game better i would suggest that if arrows were to hit the ladders, seige towwers they should be atleast very very weak. but if a trebuchet, catapult, ballist, should be a one shot kill
To make things more "life like" you could have units move the siege equipment and they could be "picked off" by bowmen or boiling oil/burning pitch type defenses, and maybe even have as a build option for your town the option of creating spike filled covered pits at certain points around the outer walls?

What ya think?
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