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Old 11-10-2009, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by zach12wqasxz View Post
say that you are playing and for some reason you have to get off for a few say to eat, or do something like chores around the house,.. or something, will there be like a puase game system? like say if i send a message to the other player and he agrees to puase the game for like say...5 minutes...will we be able to do that? and then after the 5 minutes is up the game will unpuase automatically wether or not im back ( this way it will give me time to do what i need to do instead of comeing back to the game to find my army and castle destroyed...wich would suck ). so is there anything you guys already have in place for this? also say i engage someone in a seige...if i find myself having to logg off,..would i be able to send a message to the other player requesting like a rematch...but pick up where we left off from the prevoius say if i had 200 knights storming his castle...and i have to logg. i send him a message...he agrees to let me logg off without consequense....and then like say the next day if he is logged on as well. continue or fight where i had 200 knights storming his castle of like 50 knights and 100 archers. will we be able to do this?
If you have to leave for a while, just log off, and you have to accept an attack to let it happen.

If the guy lets you log off with no consequences, then I doubt you would be able to continue the fight the next day if both of you are online, your troops will probably have been moved or something.

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