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Old 11-06-2009, 10:15 AM
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Okay first off what got me looking at this game was the persistent online world which I think would go under gameplay not sure but I've always wanted a game like that were you continue to build your kindgoms and others do to around you. Other then that the storyline is important to me, games with good storylines get me hooked even if its not the most important thing. The storyline is something that is more of a thing that is really needed but not though of by players as very important but is truly is a make or break feature.

Another thing that I really like in games is stat tracking always fun to compare yourself with others especially freinds and see whos doing the best in diffrent categories. A good ranking system is always a plus preferably with (name rankings) you can get creative with this in fantasy settings but for example your in a certain tier,(your skill level construed from your stats) general or major etc... . Always good to have names assigned with the ranks possibly badges people can see.

Good graphics are nice to have but not neccesary for me to like a game.

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