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Old 11-05-2009, 11:05 AM
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Default Dynamic Fire

I saw the new Dynamic fire in one of the showcases and i thought it was great becuase i really really like fire "who doesn't right?". I was wondering how the fire is going to be controlled. I had been playing with my friend on Stronghold once and i decided just to catch a little building outside his main base on fire to mess with him, to my surprise though it quickly spread and soon his entire base was engulfed in a matter of seconds he had no hope and his entire army was burnt to a crisp before he could get them anywhere safe. He was obviously rather mad and we both thought this was rather cheap. So i was wondering if your going to do something to stop fire from being an unstoppable force? What if you have wooden walls also would the catch on fire? "yikes!". I saw that it started to rain and that put out the fire can our mages use water spells or make it rain themselves to put out fire? Also can i just run one mage into an enemy base and the suddenly light the whole thing on fire?