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Old 11-03-2009, 07:14 PM
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Default New system

Hmmm, ok I'll buy that :P . And besides that, your story is VERY well done - you must have spent hours on it. .

So, guys, I wanted to try a change of system:

We will make a story, and then we will "popcorn" onto someone else.
This person will have to continue the storyline, and leave room for more. When I think a story has gone on for long enough, I will tell you so. Leave room for more, but go onto a different story.

Because we have so many stories right now, someone will say "MINE" and whoever says it first will get to have theirs "popcorned" off of. You may choose one of the users that have already posted (make sure you like their writing style).

So, yeah, that's what we'll do. BEGIN.
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