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Originally Posted by fyro11 View Post
1. Gameplay

2. Story and Immersion

3. Graphics and Physics

Modding, albeit game-changing at times, is a mod, whereas it is crucial for the actual game to lead by example.
There are games that stand almost entirely on their user created content. WCIII is a great example of a wildly popular game, that honestly the standard gameplay wasn't very good for the time. The campaign and level design for that was top notch, and the universe was interesting and well crafted, but the gameplay itself was nothing special. It's around today because of it's modding community and to a lesser extent it's franchise being owned by blizzard.

That's certainly not what we're going for here - but I wouldn't dismiss user created content at all. A solid multiplayer lobby/netcode etc and a powerful editor add quite a lot to a game's longevity, if you make something that people want to create their own content for - you have a goldmine. Another absolutely astonishing example - Little big planet's user created content. That game had hardly any game time shipped, but even with only a tiny fraction of the user created stuff being good there's so damn much of it that the odd gem here and there, ended up creating over 10x the AAA levels the game shipped with.
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