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Old 11-02-2009, 04:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyrael-SF- View Post
Hey guys

Just two things, the first i tried EVERYWHERE and i mean EVERYWHERE for a page that i think konstantine posted about starting regions for all races. I remember it having detailed information with a screen shot of the region in a menu. Its the MMO part of it where players can select a region.

The second thing, regarding walls. Now but this i mean when players in the MMORTS have strongholds at a high level do the walls change to repesent it. For example Humans begin with wooden walls but as they expand and grow more powerful the walls become stone ect..

Or do every race have a set type of walls only?

Thanks again, sorry if this info is already been discussed i apologize.
Yes walls do become more advanced as you grow. Once upgraded you will have mulitple lines of walls to surround your city. Giving you both a defensive advantage and a drop back points. I also beleive that they grow larger. Looking at some of the screenshots anyway and to begin with you wont have any wall before having a wooden one. (guessing like a portable encampent you can have).
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