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Old 10-30-2009, 01:42 PM
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I think that's a hard question as each of those have a place to make a good game. I know most people are going to say gameplay which is true but there are some of these things that if missing can brake a game. Like immersion, a game could have great gameplay, but if you can't get immersed into it you won't play it. Graphics too have their place whether people want to admit it or not. Graphics are not just the prettiness, but also the detail that game has to make the environments believable. Also sound and voice acting you will know if there is bad voice acting and can hurt a game. If a gun shoot and doesn't sound like a gun or at least what you think it should sound like is bad.

So I'm going to go with "other" and say all of these have there place to make a great game and not just one can make that game great.
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