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Default The Revival

Yes, vengeance.
It seemed like years ago that D'Shara first met with his long-forgotten cousins. He lived in a simple town, a community so large some might call it a city, even if half the residents were dead. Alive, but dead.
He remembered it as if it were the day previous...

He had just completed the resurrection of another of his people's Dark elven dead. In the past, he remembered putting them to an endless sleep, but times were hard, even for the humble Dark elves. After the "Fracturing", even betrayed as they were, his people were never violent, and would never think to use these dark arts for bloodshed (just because they were dark, didn't mean they were evil, you see..). However, instead of the dreamless "Sleep", his people had changed, and so had their dead. The dead walked.

No, not zombies, nor evil, malevolent spirits. Rather, they were the spirits of Dark elven citizens (if their town could be called a city) put back into their own bodies. But that is a discussion for the meeting of 2 colleagues at the Darken academy.

Back to the action at hand. He had just finished the sigil, and Dun'Arak rose. A clap of the hand, and he went back to work. The newly risen undead "helper" happily went to serve the people with which he had shared a peaceful, happy life.

Now these "Dark elves" come to his peaceful village. They ask his people to participate in a "revenge" against those that his people's ancestors had once completed the cycle of life with. His people may not like it, but, it didn't seem they had a choice. With their loyal, intelligent, undead, they had become invaluable.
-Rebel against your "cousins"
-Go along until the time is right
-Accept it
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