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Old 10-24-2009, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by stinkylover View Post
just a suggestion add pavis archers for humans... a pavis shield is a large oblong shield of the late 14th through the early 16th centuries, often covering the entire body and used by archers. in total war pavis archers had crossbows and a pavis shield strapped to their back, this allowed them to turn their back to the enemy while they reloaded their crossbows. it would add in my opinion a interesting element to the game. giving humans a defense against the superior elven archers.
Or similar placements in the ground near a siege camp perhaps as an upgrade? This would give attackers a bit of an easier time charging the enemy, it would provide defence bonuses...
However i cannot see these implemented as they would require the programming of a default movement out and back into cover while attacking... Also it would just be time consuming and rather pointless in the end...
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