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Old 10-22-2009, 09:05 AM
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Originally Posted by PirateofCheem View Post
In a screenshot there were a few ogres on towers in a castle. How did they get up there?
There are stairs/ramps which units can walk up to get on the walls.

Are the wooden stakes that surround some cities just for looks or do they do damage to enemies?
They don't currently do damage, but they are impassable.

Are resources permanent (In MMO and otherwise) Like will cities have a permanent flow of wood and gold if they can secure areas on the map, or will they run out eventually?
In MMORTS, gold & stone mines are infinite, and trees respawn. Food is infinite too, though each race gets it differently.

For heroes/generals, can players choose if they want them to use a sword, a bow and so on?

For heroes/generals, will they be able to take on a couple of units before dying like Age of Mythology, or potentially take on hundreds of units before dying like BFME 2, or hopefully somewhere in between?
They're a bit stronger than in AoM, but not on a huge scale.

What is influence? I've search in the faq and everythin but can't seem to find out what it is? link to it please?
Influence is a new resource in MMORTS. It is gained from winning battles, completing quests, and doing things in MMORTS. It is used to do a lot of things, but mostly to research technologies and buy things from the store. Influence can also be bought with real money, but in no way will you need to pay money to unlock everything.

Last question, is there a place I should be asking these questions at instead?
This thread is good.