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Old 10-20-2009, 11:09 PM
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Default Campaign Mode

This is a suggestion, not a confirmed and even less an announced feature of DoF.

At first I was hesitant to suggest this since it was a very big change, but when I heard Reverie was considering changing the linear campaign for an offline MMO, I figured the game is still open for a drastic change.

The main concern of this thread is about the singleplayer experience in a form of the "classic" RTS campaign.

Now here is what has happened so far in these forums about this subject:

The Devs originally wanted to make a linear (I am guessing) campaign which would be continued by the MMO part of the game.

Later on, someone suggested the MMO play be also available single player and the Devs mentioned they considered replacing the campaign with this.

Now here is my own idea, I think I might have posted this before, but I recall it was just a reply rather than being in the spotlight of the thread.

Campaign MMO (Or more appropriately "World Map Campaign")

What is this? A campaign, a single player MMO, make up your mind squirrel.

Well my friends, this is not what I mean, but I have indeed used elements from both ideas.

What I am saying is that this would be like the singeplayer MMO, you start with your town or village or possibly even start with a city within a controlled but random world, now you are probably wondering what do I mean by this.

The world would be like the MMO, you start with a city in the middle of a huge map (Like the MMO), but more commonly in this singleplayer campaign a small map, you would fulfill common quests nearby your region, simple right?, now the "controlled" part comes into play, the creator of the "World Map Campaign" would specify certain obligatory and/or optional quests be given to the player (These would be links to the specific quest maps the creator wants to annex to the campaign).

As the quests are being completed and the story progresses, the player would keep thinking he is on his "own" campaign thanks to him still having the city he started out with and raised from a single small village.

These campaigns can have ultimate goals such as complete this many quests, conquer this much territories, defeat this ultimate ending quest (Which would only be accessible if the required number or specific quests were completed).

If you wonder what would happen if you got utterly annihilated, well you would just start off from your last saved game (Auto saves should probably be included.

Now everyone wonders, what is the goal of this?
  • Give the player a sense of roleplay to follow, give his singe player game a meaning, give him a goal to reach instead of just...playing and never gaining victory.
  • Actually winning the game in this MMO like format would be rather fulfilling.
  • Give the player a story to follow, as if he were reading a book.
  • I hate to say it, but you probably love this idea, don't you?
  • Give the player a sense of ownership over his hero, his people and his city along the campaign, each time you have a home to return to from your successful quest.
  • If Reverie were to launch the game with a campaign, they would also give players a chance to make their own campaign with some sort of campaign editor.

Campaign Editor (Read Beyond this if you would be interested in making campaigns)

This campaign editor would be to modify the following properties of the campaign:

Region(s): What kind of climate would the random quests be set in, those not specified by the campaign creator. (Purely desertic maps?, elven forest too?, do you want maps with rivers?, pure wilderness or towns in them? etc.

Enemies: Who shall you fight?, humans, elves, orcs, possibly other things?

Winning conditions or objective: What do you have to do to win the game, complete a certain specified quest, complete a number of quests?, eliminate all enemy territories? and such.

Losing conditions: When do you lose?, if a hero dies, or lose your city, or if you don;t finish in time, if you run out of resources, stuff like that.

Key Quests: Which specific quests would you like to include, when do you want them to be assigned to the player and what effect would they have on the player, would they grant him victory, make him lose, trigger a major attack to their city, trigger the next key quests?

Map Creator?: Perhaps create a world map (The old map styled one of the MMO) or maybe just choose from a variety of templates given by the game.

I would like to thank whoever read all of that, I tried my best to make the format pleasing to the eye.

I also added a poll, be sure to vote and comment on the idea, be it included or not.
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