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Default Price for ignorance

Okey here you go cybroxis

Four centuries ago there was a battle between Orcs and elves of such magnitude that stories is still being told about it, from the orcs perspective they speak of it as a sacrifice for the gods becouse they do not wish to admit it as an open defeat but the elves sing of it as an victory for all goodly beings. They sing especially strong about an elven wizard called Alderis Mothra, the most powerful magician that have ever existed throughout the ages, was it not for him the elves surely would have lost against the hundred of thousands of orcs amassing against them.

It was even a rumor that he was so strong in the arcane way that he had been able to foresee his death and before the battle he had left a book that is said to contain a most powerful spell that can restore life to the barren earth that the coming battle would leave.

One young wizard read about this in a storybook high up in a shelf in an old library, he read it and found a small clue, one wich actually got him to find Alderis book after surprisingly small effort. The book contained an incantation and an instruction on how to activate the spell.

So the young wizard set out to the famouse battleground, went to the exact spot on wich it is said Alderis grave was and started the incantation.

IF the book would have been found by a more powerful wizard he would have seen through the spell and destroyed the book but Alderis was not that stupid, he wanted everyone to believe his book was just a rumor, to believe that Alderis strength was fiction, made up to strengthen the look of elves, he wanted someone foolish to read about that story, to read and try the spell in hope of restoring dead lands... Becouse the spell did restore life... but not the life of the dead landscape but the life of a long dead Wizard. Aldreris had found a spell in wich he can be resurrected, a spell that is a forbidden art for the elves and that is why he couldn't let anyone powerful find it.

The young wizard finished the spell.... looked anticipating at the ground, then it cracked, he jumped up overjoyed and with a smile, a smile that soon died when he saw a skeleton hand digging through the dirt. The wizard started to run but soon found himself dangling above ground, hold up by a spell conjured by the long dead Alderis Mothra, a spell that slowly sucked the life out of the wizard and was added to Alderis, slowly restoring portions of his body, strengthening him.

Alderis dropped the fool on the ground and smiled. In his death he had walked across planes unknown to man, he had gained knowledge long forgotten... he had even learned to raise the dead to serve him. And with a mumble and a wave of his hand ground cracked and he raised 100 soldiers from the old times. The spell of ressurection takes a lot of effort and even Alderis can't raise as many as he wants, but if he just can raise one hundred he can teach the spell to another of his minions so he can raise another ten and in this cycle he will gain an army that is undeniably loyal to him, if they rebel against him he could just seize the spell that grants them undead life. With this power he will get an army that will never complain, that will never have to feed and will never stop.

Alderis is set to slay all living beings and paint the ground before him in blood for Alderis Mothra has seen death and he loved it...

*The ressurection spell is not the exact same spell as the little wizard used to ressurect Alderis, The spell the wizard used took back the soul of Alderis from the plane of death/hell, but the ressurection spell just raises the dead to follow the one who raised them, in the beginning they will be an empty shell that contains the most basics thoughts, they know how to battle and walk and talk and things like that, but as time progress they will become smarter. And due to that Alderis can teach them the ressurection spell (well not everyone can learn it but some can) and in turn they will raise soldiers to follow Alderis. As in battle it will be somewhat useless to attack normal skeleton soldiers, to permanently kill them the summoner must be destroyed, for when he dies they will just fall dead... again.... and if Alderis is slain all of the undead will just fall dead...... again....*

eeh i think read through it but its hard to find mistakes that you created yourself>,< so feel free to complain

holy sh*t this story got long... and i wanted it to be longer :/ there's a ton of details that you can add but damn it would be boring to read then xD

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