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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
Accuracy isn't always the best when it comes to large armies deathshroud, sure its better when targeting only a few units, but when its hundreds of archers vs thousands of enemies, you want the arrow to spread. We'll probably have stances that 'projectile creators'(archer, siege) can set between accurate, normal and inaccurate.
Definitely - There are two qualities that are important - how long you could keep firing with an effective draw strength and how fast you could fire between shots. When you're firing into a gigantic blob of people, you're bound to hit something that bleeds

There are of course going to be a few exceptions where accuracy is important for targeting heroes/mages and other ranged units like those on a wall/tower, but for the most part you'll want damage/fire speed over accuracy. As long as you hit someone who cares !
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