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Old 10-16-2009, 01:09 PM
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Sure I could write an essay but meh I just havent felt like typing it out:

- Im a student ive got plenty of time.
- Any bugs i encounter il of course report.
- Any direction you want me to test il of course follow.

- Not that much experience with actual beta's (just polished ones really) but im willing to learn.

Expanding this just gives us all work since i'd have to write and you'd have to read it.

Oh state your thoughts part:
I have always liked RTS most (Rise of Nations, civ, total war, majesty 2 and some others) and ive played MMORPG (Lineage2) and one of the many MMORTS-browers games (travian) but never a real game, MMORTS which just excitens me. Build your city the most efficiently, build the most balanced or specialised army and then testing your skills against equal players. Just sounds awesome.

There. Having to sign up for that other site was a bit troublesome for me.