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  • From Puppeter
    How many assaults can you withstand? With your fortress, repel as many waves of enemies as possible, which range from a few bandits until progressively mounting to full scale-sieges. You cannot win, only survive longer each time. The idea is to see how impenetrable your castle is, and how long you can last. It wouldn't affect your castle in quests, as this really is a mini-game, but provides some light-hearted fun.

  • Repell the invaders/Invade the enemy: You must attack and destroy an AI controlled camp within your racial territory for Repell, this is the easier version of the quest. It would be a small, poorly defended camp with a moderately powerful boss at it's center, this would be an early quest designed to get you used to attacking walls/well defended positions without too much danger, thus it should be fairly easy with a small reward. Invade the enemy would be a more difficult version taking place in a racial enemy's territory. You would be attacking a AI controlled castle that would have defenses scaled depending on how far you on in the main quest line/overall strength of your kingdom. As soon as you begin your attack (Enter LoS of the units along the wall) the alarm would be raised and units would continually be trained within the castle at barracks located throughout the city, and much stronger units within the keep itself that head out to any part of the wall attacked. The Barracks do not stop spawning until they are destroyed, or a set 'cap' of defenders is reached, once defenders die they would start spawning again. There would also be several mini-boss units patrolling the walls/defending the gates, they would not respawn, and a boss defending the keep itself. This mission would also have a time limit to prevent just camping the barracks, once reached a large hostile patrol arrives and your army is forced to retreat from the field. The reward would increase based upon how quickly you kill the main boss, which is the victory condition.

  • From: sneaky_squirrel
    Rebuild: You alone with a few escorts (You are only allowed to bring but a small army), this quest will consist of the hero arriving and finding a devastated region where a people have been separated by either war, greed, disasters or monsters, your mission is to rebuild with the little resources the survivors you encounter have, round up more forces as you travel the map liberating them from their captors and fight the last outpost in which resides that which causes the separation of the villages.
    Build and destroy, but with RPG feel plus one for survivability, would be a nise setting in a swampy region with villages of houses and farms rounded up with small palisades and weak towers.

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