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Default Which quests do you want to see, the poll!

Unfortunately I had to cut 4 of them due to the size limit on the poll, unless it's possible for a mod to override that or change it. this is a multi-vote poll, so pick as many as you'd like, just try not to vote for them all lol.

Don't forget you can vote for more than one everyone.

  • Defense:
    You recieve a quest about a friendly (ai) village/town/city/fortress or what have you (Depending on how far you are in the story would decide the size/difficulty ie; what size army you'd need to bring) that is being assaulted by an enemy race or an evil faction of the same race, your job is to protect either a specific building or unit, perhaps a central keep must not fall, or the king/leader of the place must survive for a set time, or the reward at the end is based on the number of allied units/named characters/specific buildings left standing or alive at the end, with at least a certain amount required at the end for a 'success' Could operate quite a few different ways, I won't expand on them all but traditionally it would be with a set number of waves on timers, if you can't manage to kill all of the last wave they'd regroup and come in again with the next wave making it progressively harder, with the occasional boss thrown in.

    Example: You arrive at a human city with basic stone walls/towers being attacked by orc raiders, you're given a minute or two to set up. There are 3 named characters and two buildings you are tasked to protect. You are given control of these characters for the battle, they are very powerful but should any fall your reward at the end from the villagers will be reduced significantly. The two buildings you are tasked to protect are the towers adjacent to the main gate, if there are no friendly units on the tower it is considered lost. The towers provide good defensive positions, but the center of town has an even better defensive position, with it's own stronger inner walls and gates, far more/stronger static defenses etc. If you can protect the two main towers the reward is greater, but it's far more difficult. The center keep would also give a small healing effect over time for all units nearby, but it would be too far to send units there between waves effectively. Every few waves comes a boss and a larger amount of units, you're given time to heal all your units and set up before they arrive. Also, you can have the waves start sooner with either a command/button if you're ready early.

  • Rescue Mission Overview, your advisor tells you about a group of people/soldiers (The type of units and amount varies both randomly and based upon your kingdom strength) that have been taken captive, and a local warlord is demanding ransom or he'll start killing them. You can pay (Extortionate amount of resources for the units you'll get, but you gain a small amount of influence) or you can attack them and try to rescue the hostages. Victory condition is escorting the captives to a designated area. Reward is the units you save, as well as a certain amount of resources based on the number of units. Defeat is all or a set amount dying.

    Ex: You start on one side of a ravine, the main bridge is heavily defended and it will be a difficult location to take head on. But there would be 1 or 2 'back door' smaller bridges that are well out of the way that you could cross to avoid the well defended approach to their base. You have a time limit, after that the warlord starts killing a captive every x seconds or minutes. Once your forces are spotted you have a seperate time limit to engage the warlord in combat or he'll start killing as fast as he can. Once your units enter his line of sight he would charge you and leave the captives. You can choose to kill the difficult opponent for a larger reward, or simply distract him and take the hostages. They come under your direct control after you free them, requires destroying their cages/cutting their ropes (Any amount of damage frees them, so just one hit per to free them). If you choose to go through the main bridge, your goal is to get to the warlord himself quickly, if you try to skirt around the ravine, your goal is to beat the main clock as you'll be on the warlord himself before he has time to kill anyone. You do not know where the secondary bridge is, and there would be several paths to check, if you take too long to find it... Brawn and speed or stealth. The first will be a difficult battle for your army more likely to keep the captives alive, but risky to your own troops. The latter will likely see several captives executed.

  • From Joseph Visscher a resident dev with a very long title!
    Treasure Hunt
    quests where every now and then randomly (when your not in a battle with another human player) a dead enemy will drop a special box which can be picked up which holds a letter of a treasure clue and a location on the world map, you go to that location on the world and explore trying to find another clue about it while fighting some creeps along the way you find the next clue and location, keep going from place to place with an army until you get the exact location of the treasure which gives great rewards of resources of mostly gold and maybe other things.

  • From Darathor
    Escort quests: You find a broken down caravan or something, and the leader asks you to escort them as they move through an area. You must protect the leader and his wagons from various foes(even players!). These might include, wandering bandits, the leader's foes, and even the elite fighting forces of other players that can send your way. You may have to protect him as he searches a building or cave for a long lost artifact or relic! He might even ask you to search for something while he and some of your units protect his caravan or train of wagons or train of carts or even a train of elephants!(there aren't any in-game right?) There might be a time limit, there might be an overwhelming amount of units that you must pass quickly or sneak through! The path may be long and arduous or short and easy. Your reward will depend on which!

  • Survival:You arrive at a town/city/fort for one reason or another, on another quest. But the quest you started was really a trap. Shortly after arriving you are assaulted by a large army attacking in waves, you have several ways to 'win' this one. You can immediately try and make a break for one of the 'exits' on the edge of the map and leave the already deserted place, once all your living units are on the exit the quest ends. You get no reward, this is the safest way to deal with it a way to escape if you brought along a very small army thinking it was a simple quest that wouldn't need much. The second option is to last through enough waves to have built up a bonfire large enough in the center of town to create a large cloud of smoke, big enough that a nearby patrol would see it and come to your aid(takes 2-3 waves after lighting before they arrive) quickly dispersing the attackers. For each wave you survive you will gain an ever increasing amount of resources, for each wave after the bonfire is built and you choose not to light it you will gain a very small amount of influence, but the attackers will be significantly stronger now. The last option for victory may or may not be available, you must kill the leader of the attack without the help of a patrol. He's protected by several later waves worth of units, and far enough away from the defensive position that you can't lure them into it. It's ill advised, but the reward is great if you somehow manage to succeed.

  • FromThe Witch King of Angmar
    Stealth mission:
    Basically, you have to sneak stealth units (probably elf units) into the opposing faction's capital and gather information about strategic as well as economic advances that the enemy has made. You must get in and out unseen and safely make it back to your home base. The reward could be either cash to spend on more elite units and access to more expansion options, and obviously, a look into the enemy's plans.

  • From Kire
    Need before GreedI know it is not original.... It is hard mission so only developed ppl should go for it. First you have to find something similar to treasure hunt but not same (to get a x thing), than you must destroy it in special places (like lava in lord of the rings). While doing quest you are hunted more by enemies (your castle and your expedition)... similar to lord of the rings quest =P. Trough time the invading enemies comes in greater numbers so you must destroy it as soon as possible =), but if you feel strong you can keep that Thing as trophy and it gives you some bonuses but you will eventually fail in time- if the enemies get the Thing it gives you a curse ... to decrease things. The rewards would be epic but if you want to go on that quest you must be well prepared.
    And be aware .... your friends, friendly players(?) and also some friendly npc can also act strangely... who wouldnt want the power that the thing gives you or the reward if you destroy it. So some of them will also try to took it beside enemies. The Thing also improve your hero stats and that curse, if he loose it, decrease stats.
    Are you prepared to bare such a magnificent gift?

Remember to read the FAQ before asking questions!

And if you don't find the answer - ask them in that same thread, we'll answer what we can.

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