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Originally Posted by Andy Joslin View Post
When you are defeated in an MMORTS battle, you do have some things to help you catch up...

The main advantage you have is hundreds of bodies to loot. This won't recover your losses, but it'll help.

Also, buildings do not die. They go to very low HP, are unable to operate, and wait for repair (although elven great tree-buildings work a bit differently).

Lastly, you do not have to kill every enemy unit to win a battle sieging someone else's homeland.

This system was a very old idea..Before our game was planned to be an MMORTS. The game concept used to just be a regular RTS, with your city saved through each match.
Wow nice idea. Sounds alot more apropiate to the revert system and the bodies is a really nice touch. Any chance thebodies armour can be used to create more troops if you are of the same race? or is it just limited to looting for rescources?

And the building idea is nice. does that include fire etc and do the buiildings apear to become more damaged? (not walls but the civi buildings)
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