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Originally Posted by Gleem View Post
So let's say you're going through the MMORTS thing. You get completely obliterated. You have to rebuild from just a tiny farm. Do you get to keep all of your research or do you have to start over there too?

I know some of the iffie parts of keeping your research are things like your score will drop to near zero so when facing low level players you'll have an advantage through the research, but at the same time it aids you in getting back up the ladder.

Also from what I understand research uses a lot of research and even influence. It's hard to build that up so we should keep the research.

Unless this was already addressed and I just completely missed it.

I think you have not understood/found the thread that explains this. Once you loose you revert back to your city/empire two log ins ago.

either that or you can surrender and you can pay a tribute (same as if you exit during a fight).

With the use of research it will be whatever you had thoose 2 log ins ago.

Yes they are expensive. but they can make huge diffrences in the abilty of the men so all rescource/influence needed is relative to the advantage you gain from that particular research.

(you can gain influence through battles etc)
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