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Old 10-04-2009, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
Monthly payment blows for several reasons.
-Not all have credit cards - or their parents won't let them use it
-Not all have paypal - or trust it
-What if you get bored in the middle of the payment?
-It costs much, MUCH more to keep it up instead of buying it once.
-The economy sucks as someone said earlier so it's really unnecessary to add to your tax bill.

Yeah. 1 time pay ftw. With monthly pay they'll earn just as much money because not as many people will be playing it.
Paypal is garbage, however credit cards are easy to get. Even at your age depending on where live, if you have any money you can easily get a pre-paid card that functions like a credit card without the credit part as it has a fixed amount in it.

I still don't see how it costs more to pay 15 a month for a game that is your primary game for months if not years, you save money not buying crappy games that last you a couple weeks if that. You might 'pay more' for the monthly fee, but the amount of content/hours of play compared to that cost is significantly better than traditional games by far. Microtransaction on the other hand can be a really good value, or a bad one. Because of it's flexibility inherent in it's nature it's entirely up to the devs to see to that. So far they haven't sounded greedy to me though, so I'm confident that'll be balanced.
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