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Old 10-03-2009, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by cybroxis View Post
Wait so you need influence to recruit units youve already unlocked?
I thought you'd be able to train those with grain and stuff and use influence to buy new units (new as in thought up regularly). And so you're saying you need to pay to have enough influence to have a chance at challenging top players?
No the only thing that can take influence is the in-game online shop which unlocks new unique units that you can train, purchase resources or most of all unlock new content such as added quest packs, missions, maybe a co-op mission, new AI strongholds to visit in other parts of the world.

Players will most likely gain influence through won battles and completing special quests that come from AI cities. You will not have to buy (real money) influence, you will gain it slowly progressing through the game, we are simply giving you the option to purchase more of it to save time, you can play tons of games for a very long time to get enough influence to buy 10$ worth of content. Or you can just buy 10$ worth of influence and go on that bran new co-op quest with your friends with the your very own bran new unlocked Wise Warlock Wizard you always wanted.

But I am mostly looking forward to new content and quest packs,,, this will let us keep on making better and better maps and quests long after release of the game, and it will keep you guys playing with some new content every week.
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