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Old 10-03-2009, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by sneaky_squirrel View Post
You cna move em, whenver your army fights you can choose to control them in an RTS style battle.

But big batttalions will totally ruisn that ;p.

I really hope MMO is semi risk, about spreading your army into small groups of say 100 or 50 (Small battalions ).

Though large scale sieges will be cool too.
Total War has tons of micro and using the larger scales can be well over 10k+ soldiers in a battle. 2-3k per army.

edit: I love the small scale individual level micro, I started with sc/red alert for RTSes but the tactical level with battalions has it's own style and flow. When done well it works. Remember, battalions function as a 'unit'! there is still an individual unit to control it simply has a variable strength/size.

Originally Posted by Blatant7 View Post
I also like the complex yet simple (if that makes any sense) resource system. In BfME2, the resource gathering system is much too simple. Having a more complex system allows the game to have a healthy balance between managing your economy and fighting.
It's a little odd phrasing it like that, but yes it's simple in the sense that you can just have your workers collect for you automated, or you can add a litlte bit of micro/complexity by making the choices for where to gather/what to gather worker by worker.
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